Use Cases

Technology- & Scale Classification

The application of an energy storage device is mainly determined by its rated power and its usable storage capacity. The Hypnetic energy storage system can be designed for a very wide range of applications due to its flexible and completely independent dimensioning of power and capacity. The cross-technological sizing of existing industrial energy storage systems shows that the Hypnetic energy storage system can be used in typical application areas of lithium batteries and redox flow systems, but also in flywheels and power-to-gas storage systems. Only hypnetic technology can be reasonably used for a discharge duration of several minutes up to half an hour.


Areas of Application

In the shown power and capacity range, consumption optimisation, the provision of balancing power (PRL, SRL) and peak load shaving have the widest areas of application. Feed-in optimisation has not yet found any significant use for wind and solar power because the EEG provides for a fixed feed-in tariff over a period of 20 years. In the coming years, more and more plants will outgrow from this time period, the number of so-called “post-EEG plants” will grow steadily!

Customer Benefits

With the Hypnetic energy storage system, energy consumption costs can be reduced and the quality and security of supply as well as the customer’s ecological performance can be increased. When industrial waste heat is generated, a part of it can be used in the form of electrical energy.

Reducing Energy Costs

Our customers’ energy costs are largely determined by the energy- & power price, the energy consumption and the peak load. The Hypnetic energy storage can reduce the energy price through self-consumption optimisation in combination with a solar and/or wind power plant and through flexible energy trading. With peak load shaving, the power price of our customers can be reduced.

Increasing the energetic Quality & Safety

The voltage and frequency of the energy supply determine the supply quality and safety of our customers. By maintaining the voltage and frequency (flicker compensation), the Hypnetic energy storage can increase the service life and operational safety of sensitive loads and guarantee an uninterrupted power supply.

Specifically: Wind- & Solar Farm Operators

The fixed EEG feed-in tariffs ends for wind & solar power plants after 20 years. With so-called post-EEG plants, we can carry out partner projects with selected direct customers to increase sales revenues through direct trading and flexibilisation.