How our Technology is build

Our Technology consists of our Power & Capacity Unit, which are completly independent from each other scalable.  With our innovations, we can reach a unique roundtrip efficiency of 72 % for compressed air energy storages. Based on the component information of our Suppliers, our Energy Storage can reach up to 1 Million full cycles. The pre-assembled components from our Suppliers can be just-in-time delivered to the Customers location, where we carry out the installation, complete the energy storage with our HEMS (Hydropneumatic EnergyStorage Management System) and do the initial operation.  

How our Technology works

In order to store electrical energy, our energy storage technology dries ambient air and compresses it highly efficiently and cycle-wise with the aid of a liquid. If the energy needs to be used again, the same bidirectional power components are used to provide the electrical energy.

The capacity unit of our energy storage can be steplessly dimensioned via the size of the electric machine, the hydraulic motor and the separating cylinders. Completely independently of this, the capacity unit can be scaled via the number of gas bottles.

What exactly makes our Technology so Special?

A similar concept for this type of energy storage was first published in 2004, but has not yet been able to establish itself. With these two main innovations, we are changing that:

Our own HEMS (Hydropneumatic EnergyStorage Management System) ensures highly efficient control & regulation and monitors the energy storage constantly and in real time. Thanks to the use of Machine Learning in the HEMS, our energy storage is constantly optimised in terms of efficiency & service life. Every energy storage system that is active for our customers provides additional training data and thus improves the performance of the entire technology.

Heat management: The main reason for the failure to establish the hydropneumatic energy storage concept was insufficient heat management, which resulted in low efficiency. We were able to solve exactly this problem in almost two years of development. In our energy storage technology, the compression heat is temporarily stored by reversible change of aggregate state of a phase change material exactly where it is generated and needed again – without the use of additional pumps, pipes and tanks!

In addition to these main innovations, we use state-of-the-art components established in other industrial sectors and implement minor modifications at various points. In this way, we reduce system costs and energy losses even further!

The Energy Conversion Chain

In our energy storage technology, there are three highly efficient & reversible energy conversions.