The Hypnetic energy storage

The compressed air storage innovation for industry & commerce

For the purpose of energy storage for industry & commerce, we use a unique combination of established high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic components.

The cost- and energy-efficient Hypnetic energy storage system is completed by our intelligent management system.

Throughput storage costs
Years lifetime
Number of memory cycles

Customer solutions

For which applications is the Hypnetic energy storage suitable?

The Hypnetic energy storage system is designed for cycle-intensive multi-use applications. These include self-consumption and feed-in optimization, peak load capping and grid-serving applications such as control energy or black start capability. These applications can be customized and combined to maximize profitability.

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Companies that operate their own photovoltaics can reduce their energy purchase costs, increase their independence from the power grid, and improve their environmental footprint.

Wind farm operator
wind turbines in a field

Wind farm operators can reduce their grid purchase costs for auxiliary power units, make their energy supply more flexible and become black start capable.

Hypnetic Services

We strive for long-term customer relationships and are your contact partner - throughout the entire term.

Assembly & Installation

We take care of the professional installation of the Hypnetic energy storage system and make everything ready for connection.

Maintenance & Warranty

We monitor the Hypnetic energy storage system constantly and in real time , perform any necessary maintenance and provide warranty during the runtime.

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Commissioning & network integration

Once installed, we organize the official acceptance test and commission the Hypnetic energy storage system in your energy network.

Optimization of operational management

During the term, we optimize the operating strategy of the Hypnetic energy storage system to match changes in your profile or changes in the market.

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Ideal for cycle-intensive applications.


Economy thanks to innovation

Long life

The Hypnetic energy storage system is one of the most durable, decentralized storage systems in the world.

Modular Scalable

Thanks to variable and independent number of power and capacity units, the Hypnetic energy storage system can be designed exactly to customer needs.

Quick installation

Due to the unique plug-and-play installation at the desired customer site, even large storage systems can be set up quickly.


First class efficiency

The Hypnetic energy storage system achieves the highest efficiency among compressed air energy storage systems.

Sustainable materials

Only sustainable and fully recyclable materials with lower CO2 emissions are used in the Hypnetic energy storage system.

Usable everywhere

The Hypnetic energy storage system has no requirements for its environment and can be safely installed and operated anywhere.

Avoiding critical resources, rare earths or toxic chemicals - components from strong industries in Europe.


Over 3 years of modern development work

Our unique combination of established components enables an efficient, reversible & hydraulic compression & decompression process.

Our unique heat recovery using phase change storage medium replaces conventional cooling circuits and is cost & energy efficient.

Our management system ensures the reliable delivery of the power required by the customer and is supported by machine learning.

Founder team

Alexander Börgel


Niko Dalke

Technical development - hardware

Eugen Zukin

Technical development - software



Lars Berensen

Over 25 years of professional experience in management positions, e.g. at ExxonMobil Europe

Jörg Blaurock

Over 30 years of professional experience in management positions, e.g. at DONG Energy Sales GmbH

Pavel Kush

Master's degree in energy management, research on the topic of "Digital innovations in the energy industry".


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Within the Hypnetic energy storage system, the absorbed electrical energy is converted into pressure energy and stored in commercially available compressed air cylinders. The pressure energy stored in the compressed air is converted back into electrical energy for discharging the Hypnetic energy storage system and made available. Pressure energy is a mechanical form of energy.

Electrical energy storage systems in which the energy is in the form of pressure energy during storage are called compressed air energy storage systems (CAES) and belong to the upper group of mechanical energy storage systems. Among the compressed air storage systems there are various concepts that require a subdivision of this type of technology. If, as in the case of the Hypnetic energy storage system, the pressure is built up or released with the aid of a hydraulic system, we speak of hydropneumatic energy storage systems.

Due to the modular design, the rated power of the Hypnetic energy storage system can be a multiple of 200 kW and the rated capacity can independently be a multiple of 40 kWh. The upper limits for each energy storage system are a rated output of 5 megawatts and a rated capacity of 20 megawatt hours.

Over 90% of the material used is steel. In addition, there are small amounts of plastic, aluminum, copper and biodegradable hydraulic oils and kerosenes (phase change material).

The Hypnetic energy storage system can be installed anywhere on a firm foundation and does not have any special requirements for its environment.

The size of the Hypnetic energy storage unit depends on the power and capacity required by the customer. Approximately 30 – 50 kilowatts of rated power per cubic meter (power density) and 7 – 12 kilowatt hours of rated capacity per cubic meter (energy density) can be used as guide values.

Hypnetic energy storage is not suitable for the private home basement due to its techno-economic characteristics. However, its use in the form of neighborhood solutions makes sense.

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